Updated Price List

We’ve had to make the hard decision to review our price list. I’ve always found it a difficult decision to raise prices, but we do need to bring our prices closer in line with other Physio businesses. This will help to keep our small business and family stay afloat during these times of inflation. We hope you understand.

Here is our new price list (as of May 2022):

Physiotherapy Prices:

Physiotherapy Initial Meeting: £60 (60-75 minutes)

Physiotherapy Follow Up (one-off): £50 (45 minutes)

Physiotherapy “Block of 5” Follow Up Appointments: £225

Soft Tissue Massage Therapy Prices:

Soft Tissue Massage Therapy Initial Meeting: £60 (90 minutes)

Soft Tissue Massage Therapy Follow Up (one-off): £50 (60-90 minutes)

Soft Tissue Massage “Block of 5” Follow Up Appointments: £225

“Best of Both”: Physio and Massage Fusion Prices

“Best of Both” Package (6 Follow Up Appointments: 3 Physio / 3 Massage): £270

Physio-led Pilates Prices:

Physio-led Pilates Classes (studio classes): £34 a month

Physio-led Pilates Classes (online): £30 a month

Physio led Pilates Classes (Studio + Online): £49 a month

Physio-led Pilates 1:1 Session – Initial Meting: £60 (60-75 Minutes)

Physio-led Pilates 1:1 Session (one off): £50 (45 minutes)

Physio-led Pilates 1:1 “Block of 5” Sessions: £225

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