Physio-led Pilates

Physio-led Pilates in Deeping, Peterborough, and Surrounding Areas

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Physio-led Pilates is a great way of keeping your body fit and toned. It can also help prevent and treat injuries! My classes are fun, with new class plans every week. We use a variety of Pilates equipment to progress and challenge the exercises. Physio-led Pilates focuses on core strength, flexibility,  muscle balance and good movement patterns. You will feel the benefit in your whole body and mindset. My Physio-led Pilates sessions are suitable for everyone, including people who are injured or have successfully recovered from an injury and wish to maintain the benefits of their Physiotherapy.


Services Available:

Physio-led Pilates Classes 

In my classes you will learn the main principles and key moves of Pilates, with great attention to technique. This class will give you an exceptional foundation to build upon. When you feel ready you can challenge yourself further with a variety of Pilates equipment. (Maximum 6 people per class).

Online Exercise Classes…

Physio and Pilates In Motion has an impressive collection of over 150 classes for you to enjoy in the comfort of your own home. The online classes offer a large variety of exercise styles, including: Physio-led Pilates, Stretch Classes, Balance Classes, HIIT, Circuits, Dance-fit, Aerobics, and 2 Live Facebook Classes each week. All at the click of a button, and delivered right to your front room. 

1:1 Physio-led Pilates…

Practice Physio-led Pilates with the expert guidance of a Physiotherapist by your side. I will ensure you are doing the exercises correctly at all times, progressing and challenging you as you get stronger and fitter. As these sessions are on a 1:1 basis, the exercises we practice together will be individualised entirely to your goals and aspirations, whether you’re wanting to get stronger, more flexible or rehabilitate an injury.



Physio-led Pilates Classes: £35 a month.

This monthly fee will give you access to your chosen class every week that month. I have a maximum of 6 people per class, and I will save a space for you in your chosen class for each month that you pay a monthly fee. The monthly fee is to be paid by the first class of each month.

Online Exercise Classes: £30 a month

1:1 Pilates (one-off): £40

Block of 5 sessions: £175