Physio-led Pilates

Pilates is a great way of keeping your body fit and toned. Physio-led Pilates is a fantastic and safe way to exercise that helps prevent and treat injuries. It focuses on improving strength and flexibility, and encourages good movement patterns. Charlotte’s classes are fun, with brand new class plans every week. Our studio has a variety of Pilates equipment to progress and challenge the exercises. You really will feel the benefit in your whole body and mindset. 

Charlotte works hard to make sure that her classes are suitable for everyone; all ages, all body types, from beginners to experienced exercisers. It is also safe for you to come along to classes if you are injured or have successfully recovered from an injury and wish to maintain the benefits of your Physiotherapy treatment.


Services Available

Physio-led Pilates Classes

Unfortunately due to Covid-19, Charlotte’s studio classes are currently closed as the studio is in Tier 3. Classes will be able to restart once the studio goes into Tier 1 or 2. Until this time, it’s still really important that you continue to stay active and healthy. Doing regular exercise helps you stay both physically and mentally well. Now more than ever, we need to look after our wellbeing. It’s hard to motivate yourself at home, which is why Charlotte has created a mountain of online classes for you enjoy.

1:1 Physio-led Pilates

Charlotte offers bespoke 1:1 Physio-led Pilates rehabilitation for people who are using exercise therapy as a way of treating a specific injury or health condition. These appointments give you the opportunity to exercise with the expert guidance of a Physiotherapist by your side. Charlotte will tailor the appointment to your specific goals and she will ensure that you are doing the exercises correctly at all times.