“I wanted to do some one-to-one coaching to develop core strength and good posture before an operation and so I got in touch with 3 different professionals regarding Pilates and Physio. I chose Charlotte  – she was the most professional and friendly of everyone and I believed she would help me to achieve my goals. Her skills, experience and expertise are outstanding and the results speak for themselves. Her support during the period of my operation resulted in a good recovery too. I have been to larger Pilates classes at my gym, but they lacked the personal input I wanted and my progress wasn’t as good as it was with one-to-one sessions with Charlotte.

I have enjoyed the sessions so much and my husband has been so impressed with my improvement, that he wanted to take part in the Pilates sessions too, and Charlotte kindly agreed to run two-to-one coaching sessions. I highly recommend Charlotte for her results orientated, professional and supportive approach.”


Hilary and Bob, January 2017