“I joined Charlotte’s pilates class after more than a year of chronic lower back pain, following a prolapsed disc. This pain had resulted in a number of days off work and the use of a standing desk due to an inability to sit for prolonged periods.

Charlotte’s beginners class was ideal for me as she explains herself very well, creates a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere and gives 1-1 feedback during and after the class. Within a short time I began to understand the correct way to perform pilates exercises and saw significant improvement in my back pain whereby I no longer have days off work, need to take pain medication and hardly use my standing desk.

I was also very pleased with her physiotherapy which helped me early on to ease muscle pain and tightness, identify weakness in my posture and recommend specific exercises to counteract my issues.

Thank you so much for your help, Charlotte. My back is a million times better after your pilates classes and physio!”

Kris, December 2015