“I first met Charlotte in June 2016 when my partner and I decided that it would be a good idea to take up Pilates as a way to improve our flexibility and help stem the ageing process.  I had had major shoulder surgery which was going to take many months to resolve and my partner had limited range of movement in the ankles due to a congenital condition.  We were pleased to start in the ‘gentle’ class, being unsure how we would cope after several years of very little in the way of exercise.  We should not have been concerned because Charlotte keeps her classes small so that she can easily give individual attention and makes sure that she is aware of any issues people have so that she can give alternative exercises.  We progressed to the more advanced class after a few weeks and as before the class was small and each person’s requirements were catered for.  She makes everyone feel comfortable whatever their ability is.

Recovery from my shoulder surgery was slow and I had been discharged from my NHS physiotherapy appointments prematurely so I asked Charlotte if she would help me with my rehabilitation. My goodness, how lucky was I to have such a dedicated professional to help in my recovery. I saw her weekly for around 5 months and know that I could never have advanced so much without her help. She listened to what I had to say and adapted the exercise routine accordingly, she massaged out the painful knots in my poor aching muscles, she explained things to me so that I could understand the importance of the different exercise and could learn from what my body was ‘telling’ me. My hospital physiotherapy was re-instated but I continued with Charlotte because I could see the difference her care was making to both my pain and range of movement. It was not easy but her encouragement kept me going. I cannot thank her too much for all she has done, dedicated seems an inadequate description for her attitude to her work.”

Jane RGN, BSc (Hons), PhD, January 2017