“I joined Charlotte’s pilates class after more than a year of chronic lower back pain, following a prolapsed disc. This pain had resulted in a number of days off work and the use of a standing desk due to an inability to sit for prolonged periods.

Charlotte’s beginners class was ideal for me as she explains herself very well, creates a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere and gives 1-1 feedback during and after the class. Within a short time I began to understand the correct way to perform pilates exercises and saw significant improvement in my back pain whereby I no longer have days off work, need to take pain medication and hardly use my standing desk.

I was also very pleased with her physiotherapy which helped me early on to ease muscle pain and tightness, identify weakness in my posture and recommend specific exercises to counteract my issues.

Thank you so much for your help, Charlotte. My back is a million times better after your pilates classes and physio!”

Kris, December 2015

“Charlotte has been absolutely wonderful from the moment I met her. After having two children, I have really struggled with my lower back and the day-to-day strain on my body of running around after two lovely but demanding children! Taking an hour out to work with Charlotte also really enables me to relax, so I return home feeling refreshed as well as not having any pain! Charlotte really understands my body and it’s specific needs, she is always at the end of a phone or email for any advice and has been absolutely pivotal in getting me back on my feet. I am so much happier for having had her in my life, thx Charlotte.”

Zoe, December 2015

“I came to Pilates as a beginner on 1 July this year as my Reflexologist suggested it would be beneficial. Charlotte offered many advantages – a qualified physiotherapist which inspired confidence; a small class providing individual guidance and at an affordable cost.

After just a few weekly classes I noticed an improvement in fitness level. I no longer puff my way up the stairs to the seventh floor of the multi storey car park. I bound up the lengthy Travellator at Bank Station with ease – a sense of achievement!

Every class is different – no boring same routines every week and we have made steady progress moving on to more demanding exercises. Tasks that proved challenging in the early weeks are now achieved with ease – greater flexibility and balance; breathing is easier coupled with a general sense of well being. Not bad for an OAP – thank you Charlotte I’m hooked now.”

Ann, November 2015

“Charlotte is a brilliant Pilates teacher; she creates a welcoming and friendly atmosphere in her classes, and varies the exercises a lot which meant it was never boring.  Charlotte is attentive during her classes, making sure we were in the correct positions and tweaking exercises when needed to take into account any injuries we had and our levels of fitness (which improved a lot while under her instruction). Charlotte comes fully recommended!”

Adam and Bildeep, February 2016

“I really enjoy learning pilates with Charlotte. You are a great teacher—-clear, informative, caring and knowledgeable, (I loved the way you always knew when we were not using the correct muscles! You make your classes fun as you are such a happy, energetic and positive lady”.

Diane, November 2016

“I first met Charlotte in June 2016 when my partner and I decided that it would be a good idea to take up Pilates as a way to improve our flexibility and help stem the ageing process.  I had had major shoulder surgery which was going to take many months to resolve and my partner had limited range of movement in the ankles due to a congenital condition.  We were pleased to start in the ‘gentle’ class, being unsure how we would cope after several years of very little in the way of exercise.  We should not have been concerned because Charlotte keeps her classes small so that she can easily give individual attention and makes sure that she is aware of any issues people have so that she can give alternative exercises.  We progressed to the more advanced class after a few weeks and as before the class was small and each person’s requirements were catered for.  She makes everyone feel comfortable whatever their ability is.

Recovery from my shoulder surgery was slow and I had been discharged from my NHS physiotherapy appointments prematurely so I asked Charlotte if she would help me with my rehabilitation. My goodness, how lucky was I to have such a dedicated professional to help in my recovery. I saw her weekly for around 5 months and know that I could never have advanced so much without her help. She listened to what I had to say and adapted the exercise routine accordingly, she massaged out the painful knots in my poor aching muscles, she explained things to me so that I could understand the importance of the different exercise and could learn from what my body was ‘telling’ me. My hospital physiotherapy was re-instated but I continued with Charlotte because I could see the difference her care was making to both my pain and range of movement. It was not easy but her encouragement kept me going. I cannot thank her too much for all she has done, dedicated seems an inadequate description for her attitude to her work.”

Jane RGN, BSc (Hons), PhD, January 2017

“Charlotte’s classes (with her caring and professional approach) have helped me a lot with my body image and self esteem. I am now exercising again- Pilates has given me the confidence to do things again. So thank you for everything.”

Anon, January 2017

“I wanted to do some one-to-one coaching to develop core strength and good posture before an operation and so I got in touch with 3 different professionals regarding Pilates and Physio. I chose Charlotte  – she was the most professional and friendly of everyone and I believed she would help me to achieve my goals. Her skills, experience and expertise are outstanding and the results speak for themselves. Her support during the period of my operation resulted in a good recovery too. I have been to larger Pilates classes at my gym, but they lacked the personal input I wanted and my progress wasn’t as good as it was with one-to-one sessions with Charlotte.

I have enjoyed the sessions so much and my husband has been so impressed with my improvement, that he wanted to take part in the Pilates sessions too, and Charlotte kindly agreed to run two-to-one coaching sessions. I highly recommend Charlotte for her results orientated, professional and supportive approach.”


Hilary and Bob, January 2017