What’s On Offer

What’s on offer at the ‘Physio and Pilates In Motion’ studio?…

Physio-led Pilates Classes with CharlotteI cannot wait to restart my Physio-led Pilates classes. Each week I will offer you a 45 minute Physio-led Pilates class, with a brand new class plan each week. There are a few changes due to Covid-19… class numbers are smaller, and you will need to wear a face mask and bring your own mat. But once your class starts you’ll find yourself in that familiar place you know and love. I have unfortunately needed to put the price up slightly due to the combination of lower class numbers and higher outgoings.

Physio-led Pilates Classes are £35 per calendar month. Anyone who would like to do both studio and online classes, this is £45 per calendar month. 

Online Classes with Charlotte. My online classes will continue for the foreseeable future, yippee!! You will receive new classes each week, including: two 10-15 minute Physio-led Pilates classes, one HIIT workout, one aerobic / dance routine, and two LIVE Physio-led Pilates classes (Wednesday @ 6pm and Saturday @ 9am). To top it all off, you’ll still have access to all the other classes that have been posted online during lockdown (over 150 classes!!). Online Classes are £30 a month.

Outdoor Exercise Classes with Charlotte. These active outdoor classes are held on Sunday mornings @ Northborough Recreational Park. The classes are 45 minutes long. We will be doing standing Pilates and fitness exercises. Enjoy the fresh air whilst getting fit!

These classes are Pay Per Class: £8 a class, or £4 a class if you’re signed up to one of the monthly packages above. 

Physiotherapy with Charlotte. My Physiotherapy services are changing slightly, taking into consideration my new business partner… my hubby Gary! Going forwards, I will be mainly offering “Exercise Therapy” Physiotherapy sessions. Exercise and functional movement therapy has always been my passion (as I’m sure you can tell!!), and I want to dedicate my time to studying and specialising in this area. Anyone who is already signed up for Physiotherapy sessions with me will be able to finish their current block of sessions with no changes to their treatment

Physiotherapy appointments are £40 each session, or you can buy 5 sessions for £175. 

Soft Tissue Massage Therapy with GaryGary is a Soft Tissue Therapist, and is the man to go to at our studio for all your hands-on treatment needs. Soft Tissue Therapy is more than massage alone. It is a combination of treatments (including but not limited to: massage therapy, soft tissue release, myofascial release, muscle energy techniques, positional release, and specialist stretches).

Soft Tissue Massage Therapy appointments are £40 each, or you can buy 5 sessions for £175.

“Best of Both” Package with Charlotte & Gary. This is literally having the best of both worlds! You can see a mixture of both Charlotte and Gary (albeit in separate appointments), to receive a fantastic balance between hands-on therapy and exercise therapy. A winning combination! With your permission, Charlotte and Gary will talk to each other and keep each other up to speed about your treatment, so we can both treat you and see you go from strength to strength.

The “Best of Both” package is £210 for 6 appointments. You will have 3 appointments with Gary and 3 appointments with Charlotte.