Pregnancy and Postnatal Exercise

Pregnancy and Postnatal Exercise in Deeping, Peterborough, and Surrounding Areas


Pilates can help you stay fit and healthy both during and after your Pregnancy. As these classes are Physio-led you can relax in the knowledge that you are exercising safely at all stages of motherhood, from Pregnancy through to your postnatal recovery. Practicing Physio-led Pilates will help you to stay strong and supple, whilst working on breathing and relaxation techniques and retraining your pelvic floor muscles. My classes can help you stay more comfortable throughout your pregnancy and speed up your postnatal recovery.


Services Available:

Pregnancy Pilates 

Designed especially for pregnant women from their second trimester onwards. This fun Physio-led Pilates class is designed to help you maintain excellent posture and fitness throughout your pregnancy, preparing you for your labour and helping you recover quickly following the birth of your gorgeous baby. The class focuses on strengthening and stretching the correct muscles that are needed to help you stay as comfortable as possible throughout your pregnancy. Many women have said that they feel that Pilates has helped them during their labour, as we focus on breath control, relaxation and retraining the pelvic floor muscles. (Maximum of 12 people per class).

 Postnatal Pilates…    

Available for new mums, once you’ve had your 6-week check with your GP/midwife. This class has a gentle approach; paying particular attention to re-gaining pelvic floor control and strengthening core muscles that may have become week following your pregnancy/birth. I am also available for 1:1/group home classes on request. (Maximum of 8 people per class).

 One~to~One Pilates…

Available for anyone who would prefer their Pilates programme to be more individualised and at a time that suits their routine.

 New Mum MOT…

This is a one-off appointment available for new mums who would like a 1:1 check-up with a Physiotherapist following the birth of their baby. I can teach you how to correctly engage your pelvic floor muscles (which can help with any incontinence issues that have cropped up following giving birth), give you a personalised and gentle exercise programme for you to practice in your own time at home, and offer advice on your changing posture (including how your growing baby can effect your posture).




Pregnancy and Post-Natal Classes: £30 a month. This monthly fee will give you access to your chosen class every week that month. I have a maximum of 12 people per class, and I will save a space for you in your chosen class for each month that you pay a monthly fee. The monthly fee is to be paid by the first class of each month, and is non-refundable. You can pay by standing order, bank transfer, card, cash or cheque. I would appreciate one month’s notice if you are not signing up for the next month so that I can contact people on the waiting lists. 

One~to~One Pilates: £50 a session (Approx. 1 hour)

Sign up for 5 consecutive One~to~One sessions to receive a 25% discount…

5 sessions for £200!

New Mum MOT: £50 (Approx. 1 hour)