Stretching and Mobility

Slow the pace down with these restorative stretching and mobility classes. Taking the time to regularly stretch our your joints and improve your joint mobility will make you feel more comfortable and more relaxed.

Unwind: Upper Body Stretches

Unwind: Lower Body Stretches

*Hip Mobility and Lower Back Stretch

*After Work Posture Stretch

*Lower Back and Hip Mobility

*Tummy Love and Stretches

*Stretch and Balance

*Legs, Bums and Tums Stretch

Lower Back and SIJ Stretches

*Autonomic Wind Down

*Upper Body Mobility and Balance Work

*Legs and Hips Release

*Wind Down Stretch

*Calming Physio-led Pilates (Live Facebook Class 26-08-2020)

*10 Minute Morning Stretch (+ 2 minute wake up!)

*20 Minute Stretch

*Live Physio-led Pilates Stretch Class

*Lower Back Ease and Leg Stretch

*Mindfulness (10 Minutes)

*Upper Body & Neck Release

*Desk Stretches

*Opening Up (Back of the Body)

*Opening Up (Front of the Body)

*Physio-led Stretch Class

*Gentle Mobility Pilates

*Upper Body Stretch

*Lower Body Stretch

*Mindfulness Pilates