September 2021 Classes

Hello! I’m so pleased you’re joining me this month for some more fantastic Physio-led Pilates classes. This month we’re making our way around the body, focusing on a different area of the body each week. We’ll explore exercises that strengthen, challenge and stretch our backs, abdominals, legs and arms. Then we’ll finish off the month with some whole body classes. Enjoy!

Happy Backs

Happy Backs – Strength

Happy Backs – Fitness

Happy Backs – Stretches

Throwback Thursday (Mobility and Stretching – Spine)

Zoom Recording – Happy Backs

Abdominals Week

Abdominals (Strength)

Abdominals (Fitness)

Abdominals (Stretch)

Throwback Thursday (Crunches)

Zoom Recording – Abdominals

Legs Week

Legs – Strength

Legs – Fitness

Legs – Stretching

Throwback Thursday – Legs Bums and Tums

Zoom Recording (Legs Week)

Arms Week
Arms (Strength)

Arms (Fitness)

Arms (Stretch)

Throwback Thursday (Amazing Arms Body Weight Exercises) 10 Minutes

Throwback Zoom Recording (Balance and Arms) 55 Minutes

Throwback Zoom Recording (Toned Arms and Upper Body Mobility) 50 Minutes

Whole Body Exercises

Whole Body (Strength)

Whole Body (Fitness)

Whole Body (Stretch)

Throwback Thursday (Whole Body HIIT)

Zoom Recording (Whole Body Exercises)