October 2021 Classes

Autumn is here and I can’t wait for you to join me for more Physio-led Pilates classes. This month we will cover some great exercise themes, including: pelvic stability, balance, Pilates progressions and whole body stretches. Enjoy!

Pelvic Stability Week

Pelvic Stability (Pilates Strength) 13 Minutes

Pelvic Stability (Fitness) 11 Minutes

Pelvic Stability (Stretches) 13 Minutes

Throwback Thursday (Pelvic Stability) 17 Minutes

Zoom Recording – Pelvic Stability

Balance Week

Balance (Strength) 12 Minutes

Balance (Control) 9 Minutes

Balance (Fitness) 12 Minutes

Throwback Thursday (Stretch and Balance) 15 Minutes

Zoom Recording – Balance Week

Pilates Progressions Week

Clams (9 minutes)

Scissors (8 minutes)

Abdo Prep (5 minutes)

Breastroke Prep 2 (2 minutes)

Breastroke in Full (3 minutes)

Double Leg Stretch (13 minutes)

Zoom Recording – Pilates Progressions

Stretch and Unwind

Stretch and Unwind – Upper Body

Stretch and Unwind – Lower Body

Balloon Breathing and Body Scan

Throwback: Mindfulness (Pilates Flow)

Zoom Recording – Stretch and Unwind (with mindfulness breathing)