November 2021 Online Classes

Hello Everyone! I’ve got some great Physio-led Pilates exercises coming your way this month, and we’re going to be using our Pilates equipment again! Yey! Enjoy!

Pilates Soft Ball (Inner Strength vs Outer Strength)

Gentle Deep Abdominal and Pelvic Floor (and Breathing) 13 Minutes

10 Minute Pilates Soft Ball Workout 10 Minutes

Pilates Soft Ball (Fitness Class) 13 Minutes

Pilates Soft Ball Obliques 10 minutes

Zoom Recording (Pilates Soft Ball – Inner vs Outer Strength)

Weights (Changing Pace and Direction)

Weights (Changing Pace and Direction) 10 minutes

Physio-led Pilates Weights (with Towel Roller) 13 minutes

Super Arm Sculpt (Weights) 13 minutes

Physio-led Pilates HIIT (Weights) 12 minutes

Zoom Recording (Weights – Changing Pace and Direction)

Resistance Bands (Power and Length)

Resistance Band (Slow and Quick) 12 Minutes

Physio-led HIIT (with resistance band) 16 Minutes

Resistance Band (Stretch) 9 Minutes

Back of the Legs (Go on!.. Add in a resistance band around the knees!!) 10 Minutes

Zoom Recording (Resistance Band – Slow and Quick)

Magic Circle (and Breathe….)

Magic Circle (and Breathing) 10 Minutes

Physio-led Pilates (with the Magic Circle) 11 Minutes

Arm Sculpt (Magic Circle) 14 Minutes

Variety is the Spice of Life (Magic Circle) 25 Minutes

Zoom Recording (Magic Circle and Breathing)

Lower Body 50/50…

Front of the Legs (Strength) 11 minutes

Back of the Legs (Strength) 10 minutes

Lower Body Stretch 11 minutes