The May Challenge

This month, I have created a fun “May Challenge”. The monthly challenges have always been really popular, so I’m excited to share this one with you all. The idea is to do a little bit of Pilates each day (each daily class is around 5 minutes long). The exercises will start gently, and progress throughout the month. There’s some great challenges by the end of the month! Here’s what you’ll be working on each week:

Mondays Bridging / Tuesdays Breaststroke / Wednesdays Double Leg Stretch / Thursdays Clams / Fridays Planks / Saturdays One Leg Circle / Sundays Side Kick

1st May – May Challenge

2nd May – May Challenge

3rd May – May Challenge

4th May – May Challenge

5th May – May Challenge

6th May – May Challenge

7th May – May Challenge

May Zoom Recordings

5th May Zoom Recording (Balance)