March 2022 Classes

Hello Everyone! Here you will find all the wonderful classes suggested for you in March. I will update the page each week. We’ve got some lovely themes this month, including: Stretch & Breathe, Upper Body & Arms, Balance & Bone Strength, Pilates Progressions, and Pilates Head to Toes. Enjoy!

Week Commencing 28th February: Stretch & Breathe

Get Moving! Stretch (15 Minutes)

Resistance Band – Stretch (9 Minutes)

Morning Stretch & Wake Up (12 Minutes)

Wind Down Stretch (23 Minutes)

The Magic of Mindfulness (60 Minutes)

Zoom Recording – Stretch & Breathe

Week Commencing 7th March: Upper Body & Arms

Mobility and Stretching – Upper Body (10 Minutes)

Amazing Arms – Weights (12 Minutes)

Amazing Arms – Body Weight Exercises (10 Minutes)

Arms – Fitness (12 Minutes)

Zoom Recording (Upper Body and Arms)

Week Commencing 14th March: Balance & Bone Health

Balance – Strength (12 Minutes)

Balance – Control (9 Minutes)

Balance – Fitness (12 Minutes)

Body Weight HIIT (28 Minutes)

Pilates HIIT with Weights (13 Minutes)

Zoom Recording (Balance and Bone Health)

Week Commencing 21st March: Pilates Progressions

Pilates Progressions – Scissors (8 Minutes)

Pilates Progressions – Clams (9 Minutes)

Swan Dive Progressions (5 Minutes)

Swimming and One Leg Kick Combinations (10 Minutes)

Zoom Recording – Pilates Progressions (57 Minutes)

Live Recording – HIIT Pilates Progressions (63 Minutes)

Zoom Recording (Pilates Progressions)

Week Commencing 28th March: Head to Toe

Whole Body- Strength (10 minutes)

Whole Body – Fitness (15 minutes)

Whole Body Stretches (12 minutes)

20 Minute Stretch (20 minutes)

Head-to-Toe Pilates – Live Facebook Class 9-9-2020 (45 minutes)

NEW Zoom Recording (Head -to-Toe Pilates)