March 2021

Hello Everyone! It’s March and Spring is nearly here. So I’m hoping my classes will also put a spring in your step this month. We’ve got some great themes coming up, including: Legs Bums and Tums, Arm Sculpt, Balance, Beautiful Movement and Soothing Stretches.

1st March – Legs Bums and Tums (Dynamic)

2nd March – Legs Bums and Tums (Flow)

3rd March – Live Zoom (Mindful Legs Bums and Tums)

4th March – Throwback Thursday (Legs Bums and Tums Stretch)

5th March – Legs Bums and Tums (Power)

8th March – Super Arm Sculpt (Magic Circle)

9th March – Super Arm Sculpt (Weights)

10th March – Live Zoom – Super Arm Sculpt

11th March – Throwback Thursday (Rotator Cuff Endurance)

11th March – Throwback Thursday (Upper Body Stretch)

12th March – Super Arm Sculpt (Body Weight Exercise)

12th March – Throwback – Upper Body Posture / Rotator Cuff

15th March – Find Your Balance – Twisted Triangle

16th March – Find Your Balance – Tree Pose

17th March – Live Zoom – Find Your Balance

18th March – Throwback Thursday (Static Balance and Arms)

19th March – Find Your Balance – Warrior and Crescent Lunge

20th March – Live Zoom (version 2) – Find Your Balance

22nd March – Physio led Abdominals (Scissors / Weights)

23rd March – Physio led Abdominals (Obliques / Pilates Soft Ball)

24th March – Live Zoom – Physio-led Abdominals

25th March – Throwback Thursday (Abdominals ABC)

26th March – Physio-led Abdominals (Sit Ups)

29th March – Soothing Stretches (Upper Body and Spine)

30th March – Soothing Stretches (Lower Body and Spine)

31st March – Zoom (Soothing Stretches)