July 2022 Online Classes

Join me in July for some fun and varied workouts to start your summer. This months class themes include: the Magic Circle, Balance + Weights, the Foam Roller, and Resistance Bands and Stretching. Enjoy!

Week Commencing 4th July 2022… Magic Circle

Amazing Arms – Magic Circle (9 Minutes)

Physio-led Pilates – Magic Circle (11 Minutes)

Super Arm Sculpt – Magic Circle (14 Minutes)

Magic Circle (10 Minutes)

Variety Is The Spice Of Life – Magic Circle (25 Minutes)

Zoom Recording (Magic Circle)

Week Commencing 11th July 2022… Balance + Weights

Balance Control (9 Minutes)

Balance – Fitness (12 Minutes)

Balance – Strength (13 Minutes)

Balance Muscles (12 Minutes)

Dynamic Balance and Arms (15 Minutes)

Static Balance and Arms (14 Minutes)

Zoom Recording (Balance + Weights)

Week Commencing 18th July 2022… Foam Roller

Foam Roller – Stretching and Mobility (13 Minutes)

Foam Roller – Core Strengthening (9 Minutes)

Foam Roller – Fitness (12 Minutes)

Zoom Recording – Weights and Roller (53 Minutes)

Zoom Recording Foam Roller Pilates

Week Commencing 25th July 2022… Resistance Bands and Stretching

Resistance Band – Stretch (9 Minutes)

Resistance Band – Fitness (13 Minutes)

Resistance Band – Strengthening Work (11 Minutes)

Pelvic Stability -Stretch (13 Minutes)

Whole Body Stretches (12 Minutes)

Soothing Stretches – Upper Body and Spine (12 Minutes)

Zoom Recording (Resistance Bands & Stretching)