February Classes 2021

It’s February! The month of love, aaahhh! Let’s extend that love to self-love! This February make sure to look after yourself. Do things that make you happy, eat healthily, stay hydrated, sleep well, enjoy some fresh air, enjoy seeing the new flower shoots coming through and listening to the birds. I’m here to help you enjoy doing regular exercise. Doing exercise releases those feel-good hormones (endorphins) into the blood stream. Doing regular exercise will also help boost your immune system. What’s not to love?

1st February – Mobility Stick for the Upper Body

2nd February – Mobility Stick for the Lower Body

4th February – Throwback Thursday

5th February – Mobility Stick for the Hips

6th February – Live Zoom (Mobility Stick)

8th February – Happy Backs – Lower Back and Pelvic Stability

9th February – Happy Backs – Lower Back and Pelvic Stability

10th February – Live Zoom (Happy Backs)

11th February – “Take 10” for the Spine

12th February – Happy Backs – Lower and Mid Back Mobility

15th February – Let’s Twist (Dynamic Class)

16th February – Let’s Twist (Breathing and Crunches)

16th February – Take 10 Abdominals (for tummy muscle separation / prolapse)

17th February – Live Zoom (Let’s Twist)

18th February – 20 Minute Obliques

19th February – Let’s Twist (Stretch)

22nd February – Mindfulness (Breathing and Relaxation)

23rd February – Mindful Movement

24th February – Live Zoom (The Magic of Mindfulness)

25th February – Unwind Lower Body Stretches

26th February – Chair Yoga