February 2022 Online Classes

Hello Everyone! I’ve got some lovely classes coming your way in February. The themes this month are: “Happy Hips”, Physio-led Pilates using the Resistance Bands, “Whole Body Rotations”, and Physio-led Pilates using the Foam Roller (or a rolled up towel!). I hope you enjoy these classes!

Week Commencing 31st January… “Happy Hips” Physio-led Pilates.

Legs – Front of the Legs (12 Minutes)

Legs – Back of the Legs (10 Minutes)

Hip Mobility, using the Mobility Stick (13 Minutes)

Lower Back Ease and Leg Stretch (43 Minutes)

Zoom Recording (Happy Hips)

Week Commencing 7th February… Physio-led Pilates using the Resistance Bands

Resistance Band – Strengthening Work (10 Minutes)

Resistance Band – Fitness (12 Minutes)

Resistance Band – Stretch (9 Minutes)

Physio-led Pilates – Theraband (15 Minutes)

Zoom Recording – Resistance Band Physio-led Pilates

Week Commencing 14th February… “Let’s Twist!”

Let’s Twist – Breathing and Crunches (10 Minutes)

Let’s Twist – Dynamic (10 Minutes)

Let’s Twist – Stretch (10 Minutes)

Obliques and Balance Physio-led Pilates (45 Minutes)

Zoom Recording – Let’s Twist

Week Commencing 21st February… Physio-led Pilates using the Foam Roller

Foam Roller – Core Strengthening (10 Minutes)

Foam Roller – Fitness (12 Minutes)

Foam Roller – Stretching and Mobility (13 Minutes)

Zoom Recording – Foam Roller / Towel Roller and Mobility Stick (50 Minutes)

Zoom Recording (Foam Roller and Mobility Stick)

Week Commencing 28th February…. Stretch and Breathe

Get Moving! Stretch (15 Minutes)

Resistance Band – Stretch (9 Minutes)

Morning Stretch & Wake Up (12 Minutes)

Wind Down Stretch (23 Minutes)

The Magic of Mindfulness (60 Minutes)

Zoom Recording – Stretch and Breathe