December 2021 Classes

Hello Everyone! This December we are going to do some energising and restorative 50/50 classes! Half strength work and half stretching. This beautiful balance will aim to keep you on tip top form over the festive season! Don’t forget to tune in to the Pilates Advent Calendar too!

Week Commencing 29th November – Lower Body 50/50

Front of the Legs (Strength) 11 minutes

Back of the Legs (Strength) 10 minutes

Lower Body Stretch 11 minutes

Zoom Recording – Lower Body and Legs 50/50

Week Commencing 6th December – Physio-led Pilates

Physio-led Pilates Progressions (1 hour)

Lower Body HIIT (22 minutes)

Abdominal Strength (12 minutes)

20 Minute Stretch

Zoom Recording – Aerobics Pilates

Week Commencing 13th December – Upper Body 50/50

Mobility Stick (Upper Body) 12 minutes

Soothing Stretches (Upper Body and Spine) 12 minutes

Upper Body Posture and Rotator Cuff 15 Minutes

Arms (Strength) 12 Minutes

HIIT (Mobility Stick) 15 Minutes

Zoom Recording (Upper Body and Arms – Resistance Band)

Week Commencing 20th December – Whole Body 50/50

Whole Body Strength (10 Minutes)

Pilates Fitness with Weights (12 Minutes)

Upper Body Mobility and Balance (12 Minutes)

Wind Down Stretch (23 Minutes)

Mindfulness (12 Minutes)

Zoom Recording (Whole Body 50/50)

Christmas Week SOS… (Coming Soon)

Stretch and Reset

Upper Body HIIT

Upper Body Unwind

Lower Body HIIT

Lower Body Unwind