August 2022 Online Classes

Hello Everyone! I’ve got a nice variety of class themes coming your way in August, including: Pelvic Stability, 50/50 Arms (these classes will be half strengthening work and half stretching), Abdominals Week, 50/50 Legs, and Breathe and Unwind! I hope you enjoy the classes…

*Week Commencing 1st August: Pelvic Stability

Pelvic Stability (Strength)

Pelvic Stability (Fitness)

Pelvic Stability (Stretch)

Lower Back and Pelvic Stability

Pelvic Stability

Zoom Recording (Pelvic Stability – band, ball, weights)

*Week Commencing 8th August: 50/50 Arms

Amazing Arms – Weights (12 Minutes)

Amazing Arms – Magic Circle (9 Minutes)

Amazing Arms – Body Weight Exercises (9 Minutes)

Upper Body & Neck Release (16 Minutes)

Unwind – Upper Body Stretches (17 Minutes)

Mobility Stick – Upper Body (12 Minutes)

Zoom Recording (50/50 Arms)

*Week Commencing 15th August: Abdominals Week

Coming Soon…

*Week Commencing 22nd August: 50/50 Legs

Coming Soon…

*Week Commencing 29th August:

Coming Soon…