August 2021 Online Classes

Hello Summer! This month we’re going to be using a variety of small Pilates equipment to challenge our exercises. Each week I’ll be sharing a strength, fitness and mobility class with you. As well as the Zoom recordings and Throwback classes. Enjoy!

Pilates Soft Ball – Strength

Pilates Soft Ball – Fitness

Pilates Soft Ball – Mobility

Zoom Recording (Pilates Soft Ball)

Throwback Thursday

Foam Roller – Strength

Foam Roller – Fitness

Foam Roller – Mobility

Zoom Recording – Foam Roller

Throwback Thursday

Resistance Band – Strengthening

Resistance Band – Fitness

Resistance Band – Stretch

Zoom Recording – Resistance Band

Throwback Thursday

Weights – Strength

Weights – Fitness

More Weights!

Throwback Thursday – Upper Body Mobility Stick

Zoom Recording – Weights