April Classes 2021

It’s Spring!! Let my April classes put a spring in your step, alongside the beautiful spring weather, flowers and baby lambs! This month you can enjoy plenty more Physio-led Pilates; with themes including Beautiful Movement, Equipment classes, HIIT, and finishing the month with a Mindfulness week.

1st April – Throwback Thursday (Soothing Stretches)

2nd April – Soothing Stretches (Seated / Desk)

3rd April – Zoom (Soothing Stretches)

5th April – Beautiful Movement (finding your bowls / axis)

6th April – Beautiful Movement (Rotation)

7th April – Beautiful Movement (Zoom Recording)

8th April – Throwback Thursday (Physio-led Mobility)

9th April – Beautiful Movement (One Leg Support)

12th April – Physio led Pilates (using the theraband)

13th April – Physio led Pilates (soft ball / magic circle)

14th April – Zoom (Physio led Pilates using Equipment)

15th April – Throwback Thursday – Mobility Stick for the Hips

16th April – Physio led Pilates (weights)

19th April – Physio led Pilates HIIT (weights)

20th April – Physio led Pilates HIIT (resistance band)

21st April – Zoom (Physio-led Pilates HIIT)

22nd April – Throwback Thursday (NYE Pilates Dance HIIT)

23rd April – Physio led Pilates HIIT (mobility stick)

26th April – Mindfulness (Slow stretches and breathing)

27th April – Zoom Recording (Mindfulness Pilates)

28th April – Mindfulness (Pilates Flow)

29th April – Throwback Thursday (Tai Chi)

30th April – Mindfulness (Standing Balloon Breathing)