April 2022 Online Classes

This month we have some lovely class themes to explore. We’re starting the month focusing on our Abdominals and Pelvic Floor, followed by a Leg week, an Arm week and a Spine week. So we’ll have made our way around the whole body by the end of the month.

Week Commencing 4th April: Abdominals, Pelvic Floor and Breathing

Abdominals – Strength (11 minutes)

Abdominals – Fitness (13 minutes)

Abdominals – Stretch (12 Minutes)

Take 10 Abdominals – for Tummy Muscle Separation (14 minutes)

Gentle Deep Abdominal and Pelvic Floor -with Pilates Soft Ball (13 minutes)

Magic Circle and Breathing (12 minutes)

Zoom Recording (Pelvic Floor and Abdominals)

Week Commencing 11th April: Leg Week

Legs – Front of the Legs (11 Minutes)

Legs – Back of the Legs (10 Minutes)

Legs Week – Strength (12 Minutes)

Legs Week – Fitness (13 Minutes)

Legs – Functional Standing Exercises (9 Minutes)

Lower Body Stretch (30 Minutes)

Mobility and Stretching – Lower Body (12 Minutes)

Zoom Recording – Leg Week

Week Commencing 18th April: Arm Week

Super Arm Sculpt – Magic Circle (14 Minutes)

Super Arm Sculpt – Weights (13 Minutes)

Super Arm Sculpt – Body Weight Exercises (14 Minutes)

Physio-led HIIT – Mobility Stick (15 Minutes)

Upper Body & Neck Release (16 Minutes)

Soothing Stretches – Upper Body and Spine (12 Minutes)

Zoom Recording – Arm Week!

Week Commencing 25th April: Spine Week

“Take 10” – Spine (11 minutes)

Mobility and Stretching – Spine (12 Minutes)

Happy Backs – Strength (12 minutes)

Happy Backs – Fitness (12 minutes)

Happy Backs – Seated Stretches (14 minutes)

Live Zoom – Happy Backs (54 minutes)

Zoom Recording – Happy Backs (55 minutes)