Soft Tissue Massage Therapy


Who will benefit from Soft Tissue Massage Therapy?

There are lots of people suffering with aches and pains brought on by their job, lifestyle, sports and hobbies. Many of us are spending more time sitting down, whether that be at a computer, driving or watching TV. This can lead to some muscles becoming tighter and weaker and others becoming overused.

This kind of sedentary lifestyle can often lead to problems, such as:
• Poor posture
• Muscle Imbalance
• Headaches & Migraines
• Shoulder pain
• Lower Back Pain & Sciatica
• Hip Bursitis
• Repetitive Strain Injury

Our bodies are designed to move, and our muscles and joints are at their happiest when we live a more active lifestyle. We can use massage and soft tissue techniques to help reduce pain, encourage better posture and improve movement patterns. This not only helps in the short term, but with regular treatment will help to prevent problems in the future too.

What can you expect from a Soft Tissue Massage Therapy treatment?

Every person who comes through our doors will receive a bespoke treatment, based on their individual needs and goals. Whether you’re looking to rehabilitate an injury, treat a certain condition, iron out niggles, or just want a relaxing massage; A Soft Tissue Therapist will guide you on your rehabilitation journey.

A typical treatment includes:

  • An assessment of your injury, posture & movement.
  • Testing Joint ‘Range of Motion’.
  • Advanced Remedial Massage.
  • Soft Tissue Release and Positional Release.
  • Muscle Mobilisations.
  • Specialist Stretches, to relieve tight muscles and improve flexibility.
  • Home exercise advice.
  • Help with rehabilitation to speed up the recovery process.
  • Help with Injury prevention.

We will endeavour to gain an understanding of the cause of your problem. Our aim is to reduce your symptoms and help prevent issues in the future.

Who is your therapist?

Having trained with the London School of Sports Massage in Regents Park London, Gary qualified with a Level 5 Diploma in Advanced Remedial Massage and Soft Tissue Therapy. He is registered with the Institute for Soft Tissue Therapy (ISRM).

Gary has always had a passion for helping people. He has previously worked in gyms, private hospitals, running/sports/cycle shops in London. This has given him a broad base of knowledge to draw from. He is no stranger to pain as his hobbies have included running, cycling and motorcycles; These have given him plenty of first hand experience of many broken bones, muscle imbalance, and rehabilitation.